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TymeBank, Hollard and PnP collaboration results in unique SA innovation.

By Marc Schwartz

You would be forgiven for not guessing the product of the unlikely collaboration between TymeBankHollard and PnP. However, the three South African household names recently came together to bring genuine innovation to The South African Consumer.

This unique collaboration created the need for software allowing consumers within Pick n’ Pay Stores to take out a funeral policy from Hollard on digital kiosks provided by TymeBank.

Even before they were able to provide Hollard’s funeral product, these digital kiosks were considered cutting edge, with the ability to eliminate the need for any human-intervention when signing up for a new TymeBank account. Built-in advanced fingerprint scanning ensures it’s secure too.

Now that these kiosks can provide Hollard Funeral policies, all their benefits apply to this new functionality too, making the process paperless, secure and quick enough to be done during a weekly grocery run. 

Through rigorous consumer-testing and continual mindfulness of the consumer, the resulting user-experience is intuitive and simple enough for even the most tech-averse user. This is something the creators, Fuse Digital consider to be fundamental to any consumer-facing interface. 

South African Context

Funeral insurance is seen amongst South Africans, not only as a savvy investment but as a means to honour their family members with an appropriate burial. However, logistical challenges amongst those living in rural areas have been a long-standing impediment to anyone wishing to take out a funeral policy with the likes of Hollard.

This product goes some way in removing that impediment by placing the interaction-point at an already-popular South African destination.

“We are so grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate with these three great South-African Brands and work on something so beneficial to South Africans. It always excites us to use technology to help customers.” Commented Fuse Digital Co-founders Gideon de Swardt and Liesl Dembovsky.  

Imagining the possibilities

The collaboration between TymeBank, Hollard and PnP has demonstrated the potential for such match-ups and has inadvertently raised an obvious question…what other opportunities lie in wait for collaboration between great companies looking to embrace new tech-solutions?


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